HIKE THE HILLS FOR HOSPICE 2019    登山善行 2019    (3.3.2019 Sunday)
位置 座標
Start/Finish Point BBQ site 7, GR 949810 the near the Tai Tong Country Management Centre. JK 948 809 COMMAND DESK XGE USP
大棠郊野公園管理站 7號燒烤場 WOP  
  Sweep Team One to sweep the Medium Route from Start to Finish  SP->CP1->RDP1->RDP2->CP2->RDP4->RDP5->CP5->RDP7->RDP1->RDP8->FP 14km WWD WTM
Check Point 1 & 6 Wing Kut Bridge  永吉橋  (Trailwalker Check Point 9) 毅行者第9 JK 958 796 CHECK POINT UQY VCH UCR VA car
Check Point 2  (Road T Junction) (V) JK 9597 7794  CHECK POINT                                                WMU WMU-1 YPK
車路 /小徑交界 Sweep Team Two to Sweep the Long Route from CP2 to CP5            CP2->RDP4->RDP5->CP3->CP4->CP5. 9.5km UQE UWE
Check Point 3 (Track Junction)小徑交界 JK 9812 7830 CHECK POINT WXP UCP
Check Point 4 (Track/Road Junction)  (V) JK 9860 7883 CHECK POINT PK YMZ  
車路 /小徑交界
Check Point 5  (Track/Road Junction) JK 9694 7850  CHECK POINT                                                LW XXC  
車路 /小徑交界
Radio Point Tin Fu Tsai Fire Lookout (V) JK 981 797 RADIO POINT UGF UGF-1  
  Current head Count=
Channel Frequency   Maxmium head Count=  
HKC 435.200MHz -5 110.9
VR2UTM-DMR VHF 145.775MHz -0.6 CC5 TS1
VR2UTM- UHF  435.225 -5 110.9
Simplex 144.900MHz(Analog) / 438.780MHz(DMR) 110.9
City Hall (Lung Wo Road )0700
Yuen Long MTR Exit J 0740